Calendar of Events

2020-21 Programme

COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic

Since March 2020, due to Government announcements on the emergence and spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, the Friends have been following the advice of Public Health England on social distancing, and shielding vulnerable groups, and the Friends decided it would be prudent to close the site to the general public and officially cancel open days for the immediate future. In 2021, with a planned end to the National lockdown and a vaccination programme continuing, the Friends continue to review what activities can be planned to ensure volunteers and visitors are safe. After April 2021 we hope to be able to plan a new outline programme.

Meanwhile online activities continue, with social media posts, Facebook and website updates. We can be contacted as per the details below (see also ‘About us’ in the menu above).

Events arranged or supported by the Friends of Hemingfield Colliery. All at the Colliery site unless otherwise indicated.The Friends own Open Days and local events are listed for the year ahead on this page, below. The Google Calendar also lists upcoming related events of potential interest provided by other groups and for which further contact details may be indicated.

2020-2021 FoHC Programme

Suspended in MARCH 2020, and open days cancelled. 2021 programme pending end of National lockdown.


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