Live Project proposals

The Hemingfield Colliery project team included:


Sam Diston, Jade Owens, Zain Nur Naim Jalaluddin,

Ross Jordan, Olivia Radford, David Gibson, Rhys Schofield,

Connor Cunningham, Mark Cranfield, Russell Hunnybun, Chun-Yin Lin, Ilan Bitteran Itzcovich,

and Iqbal Hashim

The Project won a prize in the Sheffield School of Architecture’s Live Projects scheme which came as no surprise to the Friends who were delighted with the Project group’s work.

Live Project Presentation, Nov 2014

Friends acknowledge Live Project Presentation, Nov 2014

To learn more about the Live Project itself, please see the Sheffield School of Architecture’s pages:

Below you can view the excellent Proposals video prepared by the team and produced by Ross Jordan & Russell Hunnybun.

Please see the Live Project blog.

The Live Project team have produced a number of documents, models, plans animations and video materials which the Friends will be able to use in their future projects and public displays. As depicted in the video, the team suggested a sustainable, multi-phased approach to the repair, conservation and improvement of the site’s buildings and services.



Possible phases of development

Possible phases of development

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