Hemingfield Colliery – Live Project with Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA)

Where will the future take us?

Where will the future take us?

The Friends of Hemingfield Colliery are delighted to be working with the University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture (SSoA) in their innovative Live Projects initiative – bringing the skills and insights of a group of year 5 and 6 architecture and conservation students to bear on the real world challenges and exciting possibilities that await the former colliery site.

At the beginning of October, the SSoA team met the Friends and our partners from the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership to begin discussions and conduct an initial site visit. The project will last for six weeks as the SSoA team conduct research and proceed to develop detailed proposals for the site.

To learn more, contribute data and suggestions, and to watch this exciting work develop, please visit the Hemingfield Colliery Live Project Blog.

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