[Live Project] Day 19, Site clearance volunteering

The Hemingfield Colliery Project

Today was a bit different.  Several members of the team, Mark, Chun-Yin, Connor and myself all went to site to join a volunteers day helping to clear the site.  Whilst we were there we met a big range of people all interested in the site, it’s history as well as it’s future.  It was really useful to speak with these guys to understand the history of this colliery within the wider context of industrial development in the valley.


During the day we helped to unearth and move hundreds of bricks abandoned and buried in one corner of the site.  There is still a very long way to go with the bricks, but will definitely be worthwhile once they are all cleaned and sorted.

It was a hard days work but really rewarding; we will definitely use the bricks in our design now!


Sam Diston


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