[Live Project] Day 29, Starting on our deliverables & developing our initial designs.

The Hemingfield Colliery Project

We have now reorganised the team loosely into a document team, a model team, a video team and a design team.

The design team have been working on consolidating all of our research and applying what we have learnt from the community.  A lot of our ideas revolve around creating a phased strategy to redevelop the site as and when it becomes possible.

unnamed (2)

The document team have begun work on our final document, which will be handed over to our clients at the end of our involvement in the project.  We aim to make this document as useful and informative as possible, so that it can be used throughout the future of the project.

unnamed (4)

This document will outline our research and processes of development, leading on to our ideas (both strategic and architectural).  We will also be developing our physical models so that they can be used  in the long term to help explain the scheme.

Sam Diston


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