20-21st December 2014. The clearance continues – new volunteers

The final working party of 2014 saw further progress with site clearance work as the Friends and volunteers got to grips clearing leaves and more of the vegetation that has built up around the site.

Clearing the bottom end - 'the ramp' looking over at Pit Row

Photo credit: Steve Grudgings

A number of new visitors passed through the site over the weekend to visit and learn about the standing buildings from the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, and to get a sense of the history of the colliery from its origins in the 1840s through to the present day.

Visitors often share their own memories and experience – and we hope they will consider becoming volunteers themselves – whether getting stuck in to the digging, chopping, carrying, and brick reclamation, or by sharing their own professional skills and experience in helping the Friends take their plans for the site’s future a step closer to reality.

photo credit: Steve Grudgings

photo credit: Steve Grudgings

The Directors, Steve, Glen and Christine held discussions over the weekend reflecting on progress thus far and planning the programme for 2015. A lot has happened in 2014, not least taking possession of the site – quite an achievement in itself! There are number of exciting developments in store over the next couple of months, including further activity on the site itself to ensure it is safe and secure, as well as additional strategic planning to ensure the Friends have both the knowledge and resources required to conserve what remains and understand it, but also to build a sustainable future for Hemingfield Colliery.

The site is generating a lot of interest amongst mining historians and engineers as well as members of the general public. Recent visitors (and now additional volunteers!) include local residents, ex-miners, professional geologists and educationalists – everyone can play a part in uncovering the past, sharing the stories and securing a real future for the site and the surrounding area.

Further news will follow in the New Year, but for now the Friends would like to thank everyone for their interest and support in 2014 and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a productive 2015 – we hope to see you soon, get in touch!

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